Support the Cathedral

Saint-Pierre Cathedral is not just a historic monument. It is also a place of worship whose influence extends beyond the boundaries of Geneva, and is visited every year by tens of thousands of tourists and pilgrims.

The building is privately owned by the Protestant Church of Geneva. Its restoration and maintenance have been entrusted to a private foundation created by the owner and the parish: the Fondation des Clefs de St-Pierre.

Created in 1973, the Fondation des Clefs de St-Pierre carried out several major restoration projects in the late 20th century. Today, it continues to be responsible for the conservation, maintenance, heating and cleaning of the building, the hiring of janitors and the opening of the towers and the archaeological site. Its annual operating budget is around 800,000 Swiss francs, of which only a quarter is financed by state subsidies. In addition, it has to find the funding for major restoration work, such as maintaining the facades, improving acoustics and lighting, enhancing the tour route, etc., the cost of which is estimated at several million Swiss francs.

To carry out these many tasks, the Fondation des Clefs de St-Pierre needs the help of everyone, Geneva residents and visitors from abroad.

Bank account:
Foundation of the Keys of St Peter
Banque Cantonale de Genève
No R1740.03.21
IBAN CH19 0078 8000 R174 0032 1

Donations are tax-deductible.